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Achlys was a primordial deity. In Greek mythology, she was the personification of death-mist, misery and sadness. Futhermore, it was also said that she was the goddess of poisons.

In the Percy Jackson books, Achlys is described as a victim of famine. According to the website, she has a drippy nose, bloody red clawed cheeks that drip blood on her dress, sunken eyes, grey hair, and dust that covers her thin body. Percy Jackson said, about her personality, that she seemed to have self-esteem issues, but she was sadist as well.


Text Mining Analysis

When filling in ‘Akhlys’ (not Achlys in this case) in the code written in python, the word is mentioned 46 times in the Percy Jackson books/Heroes of Olympus series. The words she is associated with are: ‘cheeks’, ‘death’, ‘misery’, ‘mist’, ‘night’, ‘poison’ and ‘wailing’. This fits her description in the myths.